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AdWords Help Best Practices

Google AdWords is one of the easiest ways to get a lot of traffic to your site and it can be easy to set up too, but a lot of marketers need professional AdWords help from an Internet marketing consultant specialized in SEM consulting and SEO. It’s a CPC based advertising model that lets you place ads right next to Google’s search results. If you need some Google AdWords help, read the tips below.

Account and Campaign Organization
The most important thing to do right when setting up an account is to make sure the campaigns and adgroups are well organized and this is where most businesses need AdWords help. There are several approaches you can take, but the goal is to make an account that is easy to manage and that helps target the right ads to keywords. The simplest approach is one that is used by most marketers and it involves centering your campaign structure around keyword topics. Another approach is organizing your account based on products or sales pages, this is the approach that some ecommerce stores take.

AdWords Editor
Using the online account management interface can get the job done for most marketers, but sometimes you need something better. AdWords Editor is a free downloadable program that lets you make changes to your entire account from one screen. You can update all of your ads, keywords, or campaigns with the click of a button and then upload them to your account. Editor also gives you some AdWords help by letting you import and export campaigns easily.

Multiple Ads
It’s vital that each adgroup have multiple ads running at any given time. This means you’re always testing and working on running an ad with a higher click-through rate. Higher click-through rates means lower advertising costs and more traffic.

Keyword Insertion
Dynamic insertion of the keyword is a powerful tool that lets you increase the relevancy of both your ads and your landing pages. It allows you to insert the keyword that the searcher used to search into your advertisement. This can dramatically improve your CTR, again lowering your ad costs and increasing your traffic. You can also pass the keyword on to your landing page with URL keyword insertion. Doing this lets you insert the keyword into the headlines and content on your landing page which can help with conversion.

Conversion Tracking
The whole point of advertising on Google AdWords is to get people to do something on your website. Implement conversion tracking and take your testing and optimization to another level.

Content Network
There are two networks where you can buy ads with AdWords. The one that most people are familiar with is the search network. Search network ads show up on the Google search engine and can also show up on Google’s search partner websites, but that is optional. The content network is comprised of websites that are independent of Google. These ads can perform very differently than ads on the search network both in terms of CTR and conversion rate, so testing and tracking your content network traffic separately is very important.

Hopefully these tips can give you the AdWords help you need to make your marketing programs the best they can be.

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