AdWords Marketing

AdWords Marketing : What to Know

One of the largest advantages of using Google’s AdWords marketing system is that it helps people ensure that they are putting together pay-per-click ad campaigns that are likely to succeed. Their system employs a quality score that determines the pricing, placement and likely success of each ad campaign. The higher the quality score for an Adwords Marketing campaign, the better the placement and the lower the ad cost. This allows even PPC novices to use their system to create ad campaigns that will increase their website’s conversion rates. Adwords marketing is a very involved process requiring professional online marketing consultant knowhow.

Ad and Keyword Matching
before setting up a single Adwords marketing campaign it’s paramount to make sure that you have selected keywords that work for your business. Not only do you need relevant keywords but keywords that convert. One of the best ways to get this initial list is to parallel your SEO efforts. Next consider your AdWords marketing quality score and how you match keywords to your ads. Better keyword and ad matches lead to higher click-through rates (CTR) for your ad and higher quality scores. Your keyword matching will determine your quality score based on your expected CTR and your actual CTR.

AdWords bases your expected CTR on extensive data and an immense algorithm that constantly monitors PPC ad campaigns, which is why you’re expected CTR is a solid indicator of how well your ad is likely to do. By adjusting your keywords and ad matching to improve your expected CTR, you are easily able to determine the best combinations for a successful ad campaign.

Keyword and Landing Page Matching
In addition to scoring how well your ads and keywords match, your AdWords marketing quality score is also determined by how well your ads’ keywords and landing pages match. To ensure the best quality score, you should have a specific landing page for each of your ads. This not only ensures a high quality score, but it can also dramatically improve your conversion rate. When people click on an ad they see after doing a keyword search, they are expecting to find helpful information instantly.

However, if your ads are redirecting people to your main page, which is not likely to be the case, and people will leave almost immediately. Since you pay for every time someone clicks on an ad, you want to be sure that each click has a solid chance of increasing your conversion rate, this is one area where professional SEM consulting comes in to play. By matching your landing page content to your ad’s keywords, you can ensure that people are likely to find what they are looking for on your landing page, improving your ad’s effectiveness and your quality score.

Testing Ads and Landing Pages
It is important to note that while your AdWords quality scores are a great indicator of success, they do not guarantee it. This is why it is important to monitor the success of each of your PPC ads and test them before fully launching them. Further, you can easily create an ad with a great quality score and high CTR that does not improve your conversion rate. Therefore, you should be sure to cap how much you spend on an ad and see how it performs before spending large amounts of money on it. This can help you discover any landing page or keyword matching issues with your AdWords marketing campaign before it eats through your advertising budget.

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