Bingads Marketing

The Microsoft Advertising adCenter has been renamed Bing Ads. Additionally, Microsoft has released changes to improve the paid search engine experience. This concerted effort to upgrade bingads marketing helps users to better manage and optimize their ad campaigns.

Microsoft has also taken steps to reduce the confusion consumers currently have about the difference between Yahoo and Bing by creating a new name: the Yahoo! Bing network. This new name describes how partner sites are combining their search marketplaces. The purpose of these name changes is to assist consumers understand the cooperative efforts between Microsoft and Yahoo. Together, the search engine giants bring online advertisers a broader range of options to engage audiences. The new efforts provide e-commerce websites alternatives to traditional SEO marketing as well as improved ways to increase their website traffic and improve their sales.

Incidentally, Bing will be the default search engine of Kindle fire.

Bingads Marketing: New Look and Feel

All things considered, these changes reflect a focused rebranding effort rather than a dramatic departure from the way the Microsoft Advertising adCenter was structured.

Here are the similarities and differences between bingads marketing and Microsoft’s former advertising platform.

• The Log In page resembles Bing’s search page—a background image of a big landscape.

• The functionality of the desktop tool and the functionality of the online interface remain the same.

• The ads now have ad rotation capabilities.

• The ads now have URL by Match Type features.

How The Desktop Tool Improves Bingads Marketing

The most user-friendly elements of Bing ads is the desktop tool known as Bing Ads Editor, which can be downloaded free. The desktop is both simple and intuitive and improves online marketing campaigns. It improves campaigns by saving time and by enhancing performance.

Here are some of the ways Bing Ads Editor is a more robust upgrade of the previous desktop tool:

• It is easier to work faster because your campaigns and accounts are synchronized. This means that you can make changes off-line before uploading your revised ads with a single click.

• It is easier to edit ads directly, as well as ad groups and keywords. Another feature that makes it easier to use, it is that it looks like Microsoft Office user interface. This sense of familiarity makes it much more intuitive for new users.

• It is easier to create campaigns with the help of a Wizard. The process of creating or importing campaigns is as simple as following a step-by-step instructional process. This improved functionality offers numerous advantages: defining ad groups, creating text ads, selecting keywords, and looking over your final ad version. It is also easy to import account data residing on other search engines into the desktop tool.

• It is easier to adjust campaigns based on performance alerts. These automatic alerts notify users about performance changes to keywords, ad groups, and budgets.

• It is easier to create much more effective campaigns from improved keyword research. When you keywords are discovered, they can be added to the user’s account.

Overall, Bingads marketing represents an improved way to create effective online advertising campaigns than what Microsoft previously offered. For more information about getting the most out of online advertising with a professional Bingads marketing consultant, submit your online request for a free PPC consultation