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Email marketing is the workhorse in the field of online marketing. Over the years email has proven to be an effective tool and has become the preferred method of business communication in our day. Almost half of American internet users check and send email on a normal day. Most people are so “wired-in” these days that they instantly know when an email is received and, well let’s face it; email usually takes priority over most face to face conversations.

Integrating email marketing into your overall internet marketing strategy can be a very daunting task to the uninitiated. Email marketing can be used as a standalone direct marketing tool or as a strategically integrated part of the overall sales process. Email marketing is a powerful and multifaceted tool. The first step when considering email marketing is to determine how best to apply email campaigns to your overall internet marketing strategy.

Why do you need professional assistance with your email marketing campaigns?

  • Good email marketing campaigns allows you to automate an ongoing process of sales and marketing turning leads into customers and driving new sales to existing patrons.
  • Bad email marketing can be a huge money pit resulting in tons of work with no reward.
  • Ugly email marketing = SPAM! Noncompliance with the CAN-SPAM act can lead to disastrous results, costly fines, blacklist, etc…


Like we mentioned above, email marketing is a versatile, multipurpose tool and the most import first step is identifying where best to implement it into your total internet marketing strategy. Whether for lead generation, lead nurturing, auto responder, newsletters, email to text, customer surveys, direct or indirect sales, or remarketing your GKME Internet marketing consultant can help.

Trial and error is no way to proceed when it comes to integrating email into your overall online marketing stratagem. Similar to search engine optimization and pay per click management, measuring and tracking your campaigns effectiveness requires measuring its successfulness by comparison to an established baseline for return on investment (ROI). From list management to click through tracking and ROI analytics discover how our expertise will take your small business email marketing campaign to the next level.

We are currently accepting new clients for our email marketing consulting services and look forward to discussing how we can improve the response rate and marketing potential of your small businesses email marketing campaigns.

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