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Nothing “just happens!” This maximum is especially relevant when it comes to growing your small business. Long gone are the days of throwing up an out-of-the-box web page, buying some paid ads, and hoping for results. Internet marketing has come of age and is now a powerful media that can literally propel your small business to the next level or bring to obscurity those businesses that don’t grow with times and take advantage of the power of affordable online marketing platforms.

With your GKME Internet marketing consultant you get the expertise and experience to completely dominate your online market. Whether you are a complete newcomer to the world of internet marketing or well established and trying to gain momentum in highly competitive markets, we can help! Experience has proven that before the first red cent is spent your business needs a coordinated and measurable marketing strategy in place…

We take the guess work out of acquiring new customers for your business by utilizing a comprehensive and proven four phase strategy that we will adept to your business model and goals.

Phase 1: Research / Discovery

We meet with you in person or over the phone and take time to get to know you, your company, goals, & challenges, as well as identify your target customer. After your free initial consultation we examine the marketplace, and perform an exhaustive analysis of your closes competitors marketing efforts. Most importantly we discover your customers’ online footprint, behavior patterns, and begin to determine what triggers will turn your visitors into customers.

Phase 2: Planning / Goal Setting

We agree on your business goals and determine an effective cost per acquisition and/or sale, lead, or call. We go over all of the details assuring complete transparency into the services we are going to provide for your company and exactly what our fees are. Finally we put together an all-inclusive plan designed to achieve your business goals and dominate your target market utilizing applicable advertising channels.

Phase 3: Implementation / Branding

Now all of the planning starts to pay off! We apply our resources and experience to implement your customized marketing plan. During this phase we are putting into place any site design modifications needed to support the sales funnel, search optimization (SEO), metrics, and user experience. We build out paid campaigns, design custom creative’s, and write ad copy. Our staff will also begin expanding your brand awareness via social media sites, acquiring relevant links, submitting press releases and article summaries, and synergizing online and offline campaigns. We hold to a thorough schedule of deliverables and begin to collect data.

Phase 4: Analytics / Optimization

Absolutely the most important aspect of our strategy is the detailed analytics we use to “dial-in” to success! Now that everything is setup and in full production we continually measure the results and adjust the campaigns to assure that your ROI goals are being achieved. This is where our expertise really starts to shine, by utilizing proprietary (SEM) methods and applications that we have developed over the years, we are able to determine which efforts are producing results and what areas need to be adjusted. This process allows us to determine what campaigns works best, and then expand those discoveries to other platforms which has the potential of rapid and exponential growth for our clients.


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