PPC Management

Pay-per-click ads can be an excellent way to generate targeted traffic to your website that increases your conversion rates, but without PPC management, you could be wasting your advertising budget. Running PPC ad campaigns requires research, testing and ongoing monitoring to ensure their success. While there is a large amount of time that goes into developing a successful PPC campaign, they can provide a huge return on investment and nearly instant results. This is why choosing the right SEM consultant is critical.

Matching Keywords to Ads
One of the key components of PPC management is ensuring that you are choosing the right keywords to match to your ads. Your PPC ads show up when people search for particular terms or phrases in search engines. If you choose keywords that are too broad or not specifically related to your business and website, you could end up driving traffic to your web page that does nothing for your conversion rate. People who are searching for “automobiles” could be looking for just about anything; however, people searching for “used automobiles in California” are searching for something specific. These are the types of keyword combinations that need to be attached to your ads.

Create Targeted Landing Pages
Another critical part of PPC management is not simply having your ads direct people to your main website. If people do not see exactly what they are looking for within a few seconds, they are likely to leave your site. This is why landing pages are so important. These pages are specifically designed to address the keyword search that people used to produce your ad, and they also have aggressive calls to action that improve your conversion rate. Similar to SEO you should have several landing pages that match different ad campaigns that you are running for the best results.

Test Your Results
One of the best ways that PPC management can ensure the success of your campaigns is by testing different keyword combinations, ad text and landing pages. Since you pay for every click-through that your ads receive, you want to be sure that your ads are going to provide a conversion rate that will make them worth the expense. Before you fully launch an ad campaign, you should put limits on the number of click-throughs your ads can receive per day. If your ads drive people to your site but do not increase your conversion rate, this can prevent you from spending a fortune to send empty traffic to your site.

Monitor Your Campaigns
The Internet is changing constantly, and so are people’s search patterns. Therefore, you cannot assume that an ad that was successful three months ago is still doing well today. You should review the regular reports your GKME Internet marketing consultant sends on all of your campaigns to ensure that they are continuing to drive traffic and earning money with that traffic. If you do not do so, you could be wasting your advertising budget on a campaign that is no longer beneficial to you. Successful PPC management systems will require you to review your campaigns once a month or more.

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