SEM Consultant

It has become increasingly common for businesses to develop an online presence due to the inexpensive and targeted nature of Internet advertising. However, while for the last several years online marketing has been an option, it is now a necessity for businesses to do well. Currently, the majority of Internet users are searching for products and services online, often exclusively. This means that companies that are not online cannot connect with huge portions of their target markets.

The increasing need for Internet advertising has also lead to the increasing need for companies to use online marketing consultants. Advertising on the Internet is dramatically different from common methods used in classic print, radio and TV advertising. While advertising online is usually less expensive and far more targeted, it requires research and ongoing attention to provide a solid return on investment.

The most common forms of Internet advertising are search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and most people use search engine optimization (SEO) as their preferred method of SEM. The majority of people use search engines to find businesses and services, so it is important that companies show up at the top of search engine results to be visible to Internet users. An enterprise SEM consultant can help businesses optimize their websites for search engines using SEO tactics, create effective keyword content and keep up with changes to search engine indexing and ranking methods. An SEM consultant can also help businesses determine which keywords to focus on and which ones that will provide the best and most targeted traffic.

An enterprise PPC management consultant can assist companies in creating effective PPC ad campaigns and developing landing pages that improve sales and conversion rates. PPC ads are only paid for when someone clicks on an ad and visits a website; however, if ads, keywords and landing pages are not properly targeted, these ads can get very expensive very quickly. The goal behind PPC ads is to encourage people who are most likely to purchase from a website to click on them, and figuring out the best ways to do so requires research and testing and deep knowledge provided by SEM consulting.

In addition to finding the best websites and keyword search results to place PPC ads on, PPC management consultants can also help companies develop landing pages that get results. The most successful PPC campaigns lead visitors to a landing page that is targeted to the ad and is more aggressive about driving sales and conversions than a company’s main website. Studies have shown that keywords, layouts and the wording of calls to action all affect a landing page’s ability to succeed, and getting the most out of them requires both experience and experimentation.

While there is nothing stopping a company from developing its own SEO and PPC strategies and campaigns, they are not likely to provide stellar results or a solid return on investment without an experienced hand guiding them. For more information about getting the most out of online advertising, submit your online request for a free SEM consultation