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Oftentimes your web site establishes the first impression a potential customer will get of your business. Creating a web site that not only represents your business, but that also is a critical part of the sales process is paramount to all of your future online advertising efforts. Unless you are in the gaming industry, simple having a snazzy looking flash animated site is not the best approach for most businesses.

Sure it’s important to have an appealing site but not at the expense of all of the other elements that go into establishing an effective online presence. Most business owners have spent countless hours and much toil over creating their website only to find that, once online, very few people even know it exist. If you are building a new site or ready to convert your existing website into an effective marketing tool, we can help. Our expertise is second to none in the industry.

Why do you need professional assistance with your web site design and functionality?

  • Good site design will turn your website into a virtual sales force that ranks great and pulls your target audience from the organic SERPs 24×7.
  • Bad site design, well imagine an electronic trampoline; people will bounce off of it before the page even finishes loading.
  • Ugly site design can get your website banned permanently form all SERPs.


Your GKME Internet marketing consultant will thoroughly go over your site page by page and offer you keen insight as to what it will take to convert your site into the spearhead of your online marketing strategy. This process includes all of the on page SEO elements that you will need to have in order to start your climb to the top in organic search listings. Along with our best practices for utilizing your site as a crucial part of the sales funnel while taking advantage of SEM techniques, we will make sure your site offers a user friendly experience.

Having a technically sound site that responds quickly and provides a truly amazing user experience will help in all areas of your online marketing strategy. Our site design service will assure that your site’s code is compliant and error free, that the layout is professional, scalable, search engine friendly and easy to navigate.
Most importantly we will assure that your site is effectively engaging your audience and delivering results.

We are currently accepting new clients for our website design and lading page creation consulting services and look forward to discussing how we can improve the quality, functionality, and marketing potential of your businesses web site.

Contact Us online for your free web site design consultation and start letting the world know about your small business today!