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Social Networking and Brand Development

Social networking has really taken off over the years and is starting to develop into a genuine pillar of a well founded internet marketing strategy. Understanding what role each of the web 2.0 platforms can and will play in the future of your online presence is a great starting place. Significant aspects of social media marketing campaigns include their prevalent ability to become viral and practically self replicate among your target market as well as being an amazing platform for brand development.

Case in point, a popular discount airline who has really embraced social media regularly encourages everyone who visits their site to “Become a Fan” of their Facebook page. Recently, this airline ran a one day only airfare special on their Facebook page. Before the day was out their original subscribers had told their friends and so on. The response was so overwhelming that when the airline had unforeseen technical issues due to the tremendous response rate, they ended up overbooking many flights. Yes, it happens that fast in the world of viral marketing and social media.

Why do you need professional assistance with establishing your social networking presence?

  • Good social networking campaigns allow you to build a strong brand awareness and direct market to a very specific demographic.
  • Bad social networking can be incredibly time consuming with little to no reward.
  • Ugly social networking can lead to a pathetic overall web presence and potentially catastrophic brand development.


Social networking is the favored modern day method for word of mouth recommendations. People have a propensity to value the opinions of their friends and acquaintances. Add to that the SEO advantages, huge potential for viral notability, and niche demographic targeting though SEM advertising, social networking plays an integral part in the overall success of today’s online marketing implementations.

There are many options for integrating social media into your small business marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to expand your customer base or aiming for viral success, we can help. Marketing by means of social networking can be as simple as establishing a web presence at Facebook or Google+ to establishing your own video channel on YouTube or running your own blog. Your GKME Internet marketing consultant brings expertise and experience to all of these areas and are eager to help your business succeed.

We are currently accepting new clients for our social networking consulting services and look forward to discussing how we can establish your social media presence to help slingshot your small business into a new era of growth and prosperity.

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